Sunday, January 8, 2017

Misc Information.

State Bank of India

For savings bank - maximum free debit entries in six months - 30
six month period - Jan to June and July to Dec
Electronic transfer, ATM withdrawals at SBI ATMs, debit card based payments, service related bank charge debits - not counted.
ECS debits (e.g. to mutual funds SIP), cheque withdrawals, cheque based transfer, Withdrawal at other bank ATMs - counted.
All additional debits charges at Rs.5 per transaction with service tax. For n additional debit entries
round off to nearest rupees (5n*1.145) is charged as "Fee excess drs".

Rs.15 every quarter for sms notification service charges.

In a year 50 cheque leaves free of charge. Further leaves at Rs.2 per leave plus service tax of 14.5% rounded off the nearest Rs.

Vehicle registration information.

For sale of old vehicle
- Form 28 (NoC) need to be submitted to current RTO
- Pencil print of vehicle identification number from chassis is needed on three copies of form.
- original RC
- photocopy of RC
- insurance certificate

Should get the NOC and transfer forms 29, 30 from old authority first and then these should be submitted to new authority by the buyer.