Thursday, February 2, 2017

Driving Skills

For safe driving, just follow these principles. Prepared list over time based on driving experience in Kanpur, India.

  1. Keep distance with the vehicle in front and both left and right side. Other vehicles have tendency to stop suddenly stop, or sway sideways.
  2. Accelerate slowly. This allows to keep you within comfortable speed limit depending on road environment. Also less braking will be needed. Thus you can achieve more fuel efficiency and less vehicle wear and tear.
  3. Go slow over uneven surface. More the uneven surface lower will be your speed limit. This is important due to bad condition of roads in Uttar Pradesh.
  4. When approaching turn and crossing, let your vehicle slow down. Other vehicle has tendency to cross or turn without any warning specially in Kanpur and all other cities in Uttar Pradesh.
  5. When changing lane, do look into both the left and right rear view mirror once. In UP, there are high chances that someone might try to overtake you from left.
  6. Do not worry about time. So, never look at your watch while driving. One should be willing to spend time in driving for being safe.
  7. Do not look at speedometer. Your speed should be decided by the surrounding driving condition.
  8. While reversing ensure to look into all three rear view mirrors. Have a rear camera in your vehicle if possible.

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