Friday, January 11, 2008

Some more problems

Optical Switching
  1. All-optical AGC techniques for gain control of EDFA in optical fiber loop buffer? (17.06.2006
  2. All-optical optical threshold detector leading to switching on-off of an optical source? (19.06.2006)
  3. Performance of fiber loop buffer memory with different varities of TWCs to determine the best performing TWC? (19.06.2006)
  4. How the high bit rate (20, 40, 80, 160 Gbps) payload packets can be generated for transport in all-optical packet switched network? (23.07.2006)
  5. How recirculating loop buffer can be used to store variable length packets? (23.07.2006)
  6. All-optical packet switch architecture designs and their performance analysis when WDM is also used in links. So far the link (connected to input or output of switch) are assumed to have single wavelength transport.(23.07.2006)
  7. Bistable optical elements can be used as memory elements. How to build the optical random access memory (RAM) using them? What will be criteria for judging their performance? What kind of performance can be achieved with them? How they will compare with fiber loop buffer memory? (24.07.2006)
  8. How to estimate the control unit complexity for all-optical packet switch? To make the comparative study of all-optical packet switches on the basis of control unit complexity. (09.05.2007)

Software system management
  1. Design issues in development of distributed repository system of software, description file archive, distributed event notification system and software deployment and update agent service. (23.07.2006)
Wireless Sensor Networks

Wireless Adhoc networks
  1. How the addresses to be assigned to each node? The mechanism should use distributed algorithm. Each node should able to decide its own address based on some local information. If communication is needed before address is freezed, how it will be done?

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