Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Management of tasks

One of the problems faced by persons involved in research is that they are usually involved in mental tasks which require multiple sittings. It is usually not possible to sit down and keep on thinking till you find a solution. One need to find a way to manage all the task which one does. The tasks can be thinking about something, physical activity, reading etc.. The objective should be to finish a task as soon as possible once it is taken up. It is not better to take up the tasks and leave them halfway. Instead of leaving a task it is better not to take it up. Further, it is important to utilize your time efficiently so that maximum amount of work gets done.

We can simply make a list of tasks to be accomplished, and order the tasks in the order of their importance. If due to urgency or some other reason, the importance need to be modified, the task can be moved to up or down. One can do it using Google Keep ( A new task is added in the list and moved to a place where the task above is more important and task below is less important. At the start of the day, one can start from the top most task and spent his efforts in accomplishing it. Once no more progress can be made in the task or you get tired of it, the next task can be taken up. This usually means, the highest priority task is always taken up first every day and leads to its completion in shortest possible time.

It is a good idea to rearrange the tasks every evening for the next day. Depending on urgency and importance, the task gets ordered. It will minimize the time for completion as well as maximize the amount of work which gets done.

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