Monday, April 9, 2018

Steps in writing a paper or thesis

For anything you write - report, paper, thesis, break it into four steps. First - make an outline consisting of chapters, section and subsection titles. Try to arrange them in a sequence in which a reader can effectively appreciate your writeup.

Second step - take one section at a time; whatever comes to your head which you want to write, put it in the doc.

Step three - Organise the sentences in sequence keeping effective appreciation by reader in mind. You may have to move sentences around. You will find repetitions coming together. These need to be edited leading to removal of repetition.

During organisation, you will find that somethings are missing. Add the required text.

Fourth step - Take care singular, plural form of verbs, 'a', 'an" and 'the' and punctuation problems.

Repeat second to fourth steps to improve your manuscript for clarity.

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