Thursday, May 26, 2022

Eating food - not so straight forward.

All of us eat something every day. Sometimes, when hungry, sometimes because it is time to eat, sometimes because we are with friends. But taking food or drinks has bearing on our well being. Three important questions can be asked about our eating.

  1. When should we eat?
  2. What should we eat?
  3. How much should we eat?
If any of three is not correctly answered and followed, it should have impact on your well being.

Common sense approach which I can feel, being hinted by many videos, experts is the following.

We should eat when we are hungry. But if you get stuck in social gathering and eating is not due to hunger but due to social obligation, we should take minimal quantity, or may be just pick up something in hand and do'nt eat. That is difficult but desirable.

What we should eat? Depends on individual. By looking at so much of information on Internet, I feel we should prefer plant based whole food which contain lot of fibre. Maintain diversity of items in your food to the extent possible. Avoiding meat and dairy seems to be right choice based on what I hear from many folks. As I am vegetarian since my childhood, so actually do'nt know why meat is so addictive to people. I have seen my friend craving for meat quite a number of times.

How much to eat, is another most important aspect. Before start eating make a judgement about your hunger and separate out a portion which you feel will be good enough. Do this before each time you refill your plate. Eating in portions, makes you eat lesser than your capacity.

If you have suggestions to improve, do write in comments. I will update this note on that basis.

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